The following topics explain how to manage media and raw ingredients within LabKey Biologics.


  • Ingredients are virtual entities in LabKey Biologics, and capture the fixed natural properties of a substance. For example, the Ingredient "Sodium Chloride" includes its molecular weight, melting and boiling points, general description, etc. You register an Ingredient like this only once.
  • Raw Materials are the particular physical instantiations of an Ingredient as real "samples" or "bottles". You register multiple bottles of the Raw Material Sodium Chloride, each with different amounts, sources, lot numbers, locations, vessels, etc.
  • Mixtures are recipes that combine Ingredients using specific preparation steps. Mixtures are virtual entities in LabKey Biologics. Each Mixture is registered only once, but are realized/instantiated multiple times by Batches.
  • Batches are realizations of a Mixture recipe. They are physically real formulations produced by following the recipe encoded by some Mixture. Multiple Batches of the same Mixture can be added to the registry, each with its own volume, weight, vessel, location, etc.



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