This topic shows how to register a new molecule using the graphical user interface. Other ways to register molecules are to:

Create a Molecule

To add a new molecule to the registry:

Add Details

On the first tab of the wizard, enter the following:

  • Name: Provide a name, or one will be generated for you. Hover to see the naming pattern
  • Description: (Optional) A text description of the molecule.
  • Alias: (Optional) Alternative names for the molecule.
  • Molecule Parents: (Optional) Parent molecules for the new molecule.

Click Next to continue.

Select Components

  • On the Select components tab, search and select existing components of the new molecule.
  • After selecting the appropriate radio button, search for the component of interest.
    • Type ahead to narrow the list.
    • You will see a details preview panel to assist you.
  • Once you have added a component, it will be shown as a panel with entity icon. Click the (right-chevron) to expand (the colors will reverse and chevron will point down to indicate an expanded panel).

Click Next to continue.


LabKey Biologics will attempt to classify the structure format of the molecule's protein components, if possible. The structure format is based on the component protein chain formats.

On the Stoichiometry pane enter:

  • Stoichiometry from each component
  • S-S bonds
  • Structure Format: Select a format from the pulldown list. The list is populated from the StructureFormat table.
A warning will be displayed if no antibody regions are detected by the system.

Click Next to continue.


On the final tab, click Finish to add the molecule to the registry.

The new molecule will be added to the grid.

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