Security groups make managing LabKey's role based permissions easier by letting administrators assign access to a named group rather than needing to manage the permissions of each individual user. Group membership may evolve over time as personnel arrive and leave the groups.

There are three main types of security groups available:

  • Global Groups: Built-in site-wide groups including "Site Users", "Site Administrators", and "Guests" (those who are not logged into an account). Roles can be granted anywhere on the site for these groups.
  • Site Groups: Defined by an admin at the site-wide level. Roles can be assigned anywhere on the site for these groups.
  • Project Groups: Defined by an admin only for a particular project, and can be assigned roles in that project and folders within it.
All users with accounts on LabKey belong to the "Site Users" global group. Any individual user can belong to any number of site and project groups.



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