In a Structured Narrative Dataset (SND) system, super-packages are composed of other packages; the child packages are assigned to the super-package. Super-packages may also contain other super-packages.

Create Super-packages

When viewing or creating a super-package, use the lower half of the interface to view current assignments in the lower right Assigned Packages panel. In the Available Packages panel to the left, you can type ahead to filter the list of packages or search for a specific package by name or id number.

Select any package to reveal a menu. Choose:

  • Add to add this the package to the super-package. It will then appear in the Assigned Packages panel as indicated in the above screenshot.
  • View Full Narrative will show the narrative in a popup.

Select any assigned package to reveal a similar menu.

  • Remove: Remove this package from this super-package.
  • Make Required: Create a dependency on this package. If a package dependency is defined in this way, the procedures in the "required" packages must be completed during data entry for the super package.
    • When a package is required, this option will read Make Optional letting you remove the dependency without removing the package. Data entry for this package will then be optional.
  • Move Down/Up: Reorder the packages.
  • View Full Narrative will show the narrative in a popup.

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