Premium Resource - Specimen functionality is a legacy feature available with Premium Editions of LabKey Server. For new installations, we recommend using Sample Manager instead. Learn more or contact LabKey.

On the Specimen Data tab of your study, the Specimens web part contains grouping nodes to offer quick shortcuts to various views of available specimen data. An administrator can configure one or two tiered groupings to present the views most likely to be of use to their particular research teams.

For example:

Groupings are expanded and collapsed using the and icons. The count of items in each section is shown on the right.

Configure Specimen Groupings

To customize which groupings are displayed:

  • Click the Manage tab.
  • Under Specimen Repository Settings, click Configure Specimen Groupings.
  • Each grouping offers three levels of sorting. Select as shown:
  • Click Save.

You will now see your new groupings when you visit the Specimen Data tab.

Click any item within the grouping to see the corresponding data grid.

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