Survey Designer Metadata Options

The following properties are available when customizing a survey to adjust layout, style, question formatting, and defaults. This documentation is also available directly from the survey designer on the Survey Configuration Options panel.

The indenting of the 'Parameter' column below shows the structure of the JSON objects.

 Datatype  DescriptionDefault Value
 beforeLoad objectObject to hold a javascript function. 
     fn  string

 A javascript function to run prior to creating the survey panel.
Useful for loading custom scripts, the specified function is called with two parameters : callback and scope
which should be invoked after the furnished function has run, for example:
"fn": "function(callback, scope){ LABKEY.requiresScript('myscript.js', callback, scope); }"

 footerWiki object Configuation object for a wiki that will be displayed below the survey panel. 
containerPath string Container path for the footer wiki.  Defaults to current container. current container path
name string Name of the footer wiki. 
 headerWiki object Configuration object for a wiki that will be displayed above the survey panel.  
containerPath string The container path for the header wiki.  Defaults to current container. current container path
name string Name of the header wiki. 
 layout stringPossible values: 
auto - vertical layout of sections
 • card - wizard layout
 mainPanelWidth integer In card layout, the width of the main section panel. 800 
 navigateOnSave boolean Set true to navigate away from the survey form after the save action. Navigation will take the user to the returnUrl, if provided, or to the project begin action.. false 
 autoSaveInterval integer The interval in milliseconds that auto-saving of the survey results will occur. 60000 
 disableAutoSave boolean Set to true to disable autosaving of survey results. This setting will take precedence over the autoSaveInterval value. false 
 sections array An array of survey section panel config objects. 
border boolean Set to true to display a 1px border around the section. Defaults to false. false
collapsed boolean If layout is auto, set to true to begin the section panel in a collapsed state. false
collapsible boolean If layout is auto, set to true to allow the section panel to be collapsed. Defaults to true. true
defaultLabelWidth integer Default label width for questions in this section. 350
description string Description to show at the beginning of the section panel. 
extAlias string For custom survey development, the ext alias for a custom component. 
header boolean Whether to show the Ext panel header for this section. true 
initDisabled boolean In card layout, disables the section title in the side bar. Defaults to false. false
layoutHorizontal boolean If true, use a table layout with numColumns providing the number of columns. false
numColumns integer The number of columns to use in table layout for layoutHorizontal=true. 1
padding integer The padding to use between questions in this section. Defaults to 10. 10
questions array The array of questions. Note that the 'questions' object is highly customizable because it can hold ExtJS config objects to render individual questions.  
extConfig object An ExtJS config object. 
required boolean Whether an answer is required before results can be submitted. false
shortCaption string The text to display on the survey end panel for missing required questions. 
hidden boolean The default display state of this question (used with listeners). false
listeners object JavaScript listener functions to be added to questions
 for skip logic or additional validation (currently on 'change' is supported).
change object Listener action. 
question string or array Name(s) of parent question(s). Must be all lower case. 
fn string JavaScript function to be executed on parent. 
title string The title text to display for the section (auto layout displays title in header, card layout displays title in side bar). 
 showCounts boolean Whether to show count of completed questions.  false
 sideBarWidth integer In card layout, the width of the side bar (i.e. section title) panel. 250 
 start object Configuration options for the first section of the survey./span> 
     description string Description appears below the 'survey label' field, in the start section, i.e., the first section of the survey. 
     labelCaption string Label that appears to the left of the 'survey label' field, defaults to "Survey Label". "Survey Label"
     labelWidth integer Pixels allotted for the labelCaption. 
     sectionTitle string The displayed title for the start section, defaults to "Start"."Start"
     useDefaultLabel boolean If true, the label field will be hidden and populated with the current date/time. false



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