We're delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server version 22.3.

Highlights of Version 22.3

LabKey Server

  • The Text Choice data type provides an easy way to define a set of expected text values for a field. (docs)
  • Sample naming patterns are validated during sample type definition. Example names are visible to users creating new samples. (docs)
  • Queries can be included in published studies. (docs)
  • Ontology insert and update forms now support type ahead filtering for quick input into ontology lookup fields. (docs)

Sample Manager

  • Sample Finder: Find samples based on source and parent properties, giving users the flexibility to locate samples based on relationships and lineage details. (docs)
  • New Storage Editor and Storage Designer roles, allowing admins to assign different users the ability to manage freezer storage and manage sample and assay definitions. (docs)
  • Redesigned main dashboard featuring storage information and prioritizing what users use most. (docs)


  • ELN Improvements:
    • Notebook entry locking and protection: Users are notified if someone else is already editing a notebook entry and prevented from accidentally overwriting their work. (docs)
    • Find notebooks easily based on a variety of filtering criteria. (docs)
  • Freezer Management for Biologics: Create a virtual match of your physical storage system, and then track sample locations, availability, freezer capacities, and more. (docs)
  • User-defined barcodes can also be included in sample definitions and search-by-barcode results. (docs)

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Release Notes

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