Export Notebook as PDF

To export a notebook as a PDF, you must have correctly configured the Puppeteer service.

Once configured, you will see a button in your notebooks. Click and confirm that Notebook PDF is selected in the popup.

Adjust settings including:

  • Format: Letter or A4.
  • Fit to Page: Check box to automatically scale down any contents wider than the page to fit the width of the PDF.
  • Orientation: Portrait or Landscape.
Click Export to export to PDF.

Export Approved/Signed Notebook Archive

Once a notebook has been approved (i.e. signed by reviewers), you'll be able to export the data in an archive format so that you can store it outside the system and refer later to the contents.

The exported archive will be named following a pattern like:

[folder name]_[date&time].notebook-snapshot.zip

It will include structured details about the contents of the notebook, such as:


│ └───[Notebook Name]([Notebook ID]).tsv Notebook properties and values

└───referenced data
│ └───[Assay Name]([Assay ID]).tsv Details for referenced assay runs

│ ├───[Sample Type1].tsv Details for any referenced samples
│ └───[Sample Type2].tsv of each type included

└───more folders as needed for other referenced items

Note that notebooks approved prior to the 22.6 release will only be exportable in the legacy archive format, using xml files and experiment XAR files.

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