Frequently asked questions about our internal Scrum process:

1.QWhen is a buddy testing task considered complete?
 ABuddy testing tasks are not complete until any bugs found have been confirmed closed. If you have completed a round of buddy testing and found bugs, you should move your buddy testing task to the "Blocked" column, and adjust the hours remaining to reflect the time you think it will take to complete additional passes, and to close out the bugs you've filed.
2.QWhen is a feature/story considered complete?
 AA story is not complete until any bugs that would prevent release have been closed out.
3.QWhere do I add additional stories for future sprints?
 ANew items should be added to the Product Backlog, and ordered appropriately in relation to other stories for the same contract.
The Product Backlog is for internal LabKey use only; please contact us with any questions about upcoming features.
4.QHow can I find a list of stories completed in previous sprints?
 AA list of completed items can be found in the "Completed Items" worksheet of the Product Backlog.
The Product Backlog is for internal LabKey use only; please contact us with any questions about completed features.
5.QWhen should the "Sprint" field be used?
 ANormal sprints: During a sprint, any bugs found in the course of testing one of that sprint's commitments that would block release should be marked with the number of that sprint.

Stabilization sprint: Currently, the last sprint in a release cycle is primarily used for stabilization. Bugs should be flagged with the number of the stabilization sprint when a developer has committed to fixing the issue before the release is completed.
6.QHow are Deliver / Accept & Reject / Deploy used?
 AHere is the progression:
  • Deliver --> means that automated tests are done (and pass), and buddy testing is complete (if you have any stories that meet these criteria, please go ahead & click Deliver).
  • Accept/Reject --> communicates internal acceptance (or rejection); the client owner is responsible for accepting or rejecting a story (this relies on the client owner having a solid understanding of the specific project, larger epic, etc); if you are listed as the client owner on a story, you will be notified when that story is ready for you to accept or reject.
  • Deploy --> means deployment to


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