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The following instructions are for developers who want to build LabKey Biologics from source code.

General Development Set Up

Complete the general build instructions.

Add Biologics Modules

Get the biologics and related modules from github:

Gradle Set Up

Add the modules to the file settings.gradle in the project root to the end of the file:

include ":server:modules:biologics"
include ":server:modules:assayRequest"
include ":server:modules:assayReport"
include ":server:modules:recipe"
include ":server:modules:labbook"
include ":server:modules:trialServices"
include ":server:modules:sampleManagement"

In IntelliJ, hit the Gradle refresh button to have these new modules added to the IntelliJ project.

Build LabKey Server with Biologics

Build the server and verify the new modules are compiled:

> ./gradlew deployApp

Load Example Data

You can load Example data from two different sources.

In the Javascript console in your browser, call the following:

url: LABKEY.ActionURL.buildURL('biologics', 'loadSampleData.api'),
jsonData: {
id: 'eval'

The id can be either 'eval' or 'test' (for the data used in LabKey's automated tests).

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