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When processing is complete, you will see a grid including two runs, one for the compensation step and another for the analysis step.

If you are not working through the tutorial steps on a local server, you can view in the interactive flow demo.

You can also reach this grid from the main folder page by clicking labkey-analysis in the Flow Analyses web part.

Show Statistics in the Grid

  • On the labkey-analysis > Runs page, click the Name "labkey-demo.xml analysis" to show the default data grid for the analysis.
  • Select (Grid Views) > Customize Grid and click the by "Statistic" in the available fields panel to open the Statistics node.
  • Scroll down to see currently selected fields, and select other statistics you would like shown.
  • After checking desired boxes, drag and drop these rows within the Selected Fields panel to be in your preferred order. Note that if you make changes here, your results may not match our tutorial screencaps. Click View Grid then reopen for editing to see your customization in progress.
  • Remove any selected fields you would not like shown by hovering over the field name and clicking the on the right.
  • Note that these statistics have been calculated using the LabKey Flow engine (instead of simply read from a file, as they are when you import a workspace).
  • Save the grid view as you like it by clicking Save, entering a name, such as "MyStatistics", and clicking Save in the pop-up.

The statistics grid for the online flow demo is available here.

Add Graphs

You can add graphs in line or as thumbnails in columns next to statistics. Note that graphs shown in LabKey are recreated from the Flow data using a different analysis engine than FlowJo uses. They are intended to give a rough 'gut check' of accuracy of the data and gating applied.

  • Select (Grid Views) > Customize Grid and open the "Graph" node by clicking the icon.
  • Scroll and select which graphs will be available. To see the graphs shown in the following screencaps, select the options as shown:
    • Lv(SSC-A:FSC-A)
    • Lv/L(<PE Cy55-A>:<PE Tx RD-A>)
    • 3+(<PE Cy55-A>:<FITC-A>)
    • 4+(SSC-A:<PE Green laser-A>)
    • 8+(SSC-A:<PE Cy7-A>)
  • Save or use "View Grid" to view without saving. Notice that graph columns are not shown automatically.
  • Click on the Show Graphs link above the grid to select how you want to see graphs. Options:
    • None
    • Thumbnails
    • Inline - inline graphs may be viewed in three sizes.
Example grids with graphs are shown below.

Show the Compensation Controls

  • Return to the My Flow Tutorial folder.
  • In the Flow Analyses web part, click labkey-analysis.
  • On the "Runs" page, click on "labkey-demo.xml comp" to show the compensation controls.
  • The compensation controls page for the flow demo is available here.
  • On the compensation controls page you can also "Show Graphs" as with statistics, either as thumbnails or inline.
  • Hover over any row to reveal the icon for details. Click to see details and graphs for the chosen compensation control.


You've completed the flow analysis tutorial. These other flow tutorials use a different set of sample data to explore different features.

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