LabKey Argos is available for subscription purchase from LabKey. For further information, please contact LabKey.

Argos is a data-driven web application that provides self-service tools for scientists and clinicians to quickly find, filter and visualize rich data resources in a secure environment that protects patient confidentiality. Argos enables researchers to efficiently search for patterns and compare patient data, helping them generate hypotheses, discover suitable cohorts, investigate study feasibility and evaluate courses of treatment.

The application was originally developed in partnership with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to provide a data exploration and visualization portal for the Hutch Integrated Data Repository & Archive (HIDRA), a collaborative effort of the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium. As of early 2015, HIDRA already includes data for 335,000 patients.

As a LabKey Server-based application, Argos is designed for adaptation to the needs of other research organizations. The first version of Argos relies upon the Caisis data model. To explore Argos further, see:

Illustration: The main dashboard for a disease portal in the Argos application.


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