Feature Highlights

Developers are currently building LabKey Biologics, to help researchers navigate the complex processes of molecule development.  LabKey Biologics helps researchers ensure efficiency and reproducibility in all stages of molecule development, from candidate discovery, evaluation, and production. Feature highlights include:

  • Biologic Entity Registration. Molecule and sequence uniqueness is determined by running checks through an identity service.
  • Lineage Tracking. Complex production processes and parentage relationships are tracked to ensure reproducibility and reliable manufacturability. 
  • Molecular Species. LabKey Biologics captures information about alternate molecular species that are observed experimentally. These species are associated back with the original protein of interest.
  • Assay Data Integration. By linking a candidate molecule with assay runs, a portrait of characteristics is developed, which can be used to evaluate its therapeutic properties.

User Interface Highlights

The following screen shots a provided as a preview of the application in development. The details may change before the official release, but the following images give you a sense of the user experience.

Application Portals

The LabKey Biologics main page provides a search box and five different portals into different aspects of the data:

  • Registry - Browse all of the entities in the registry.
  • Assays - Assay results for candidate molecules.
  • Samples - A dashboard for tracking samples.
  • Inventory - Manage supplies and freezer locations. 
  • Workflow - Track processes and progress.


Search results for "ES-2". The results shown below are broadly filtered to include all items related to "ES-2" (expression system #2), including Vectors, Constructs, and Samples. Results can be more narrowly filtered for more specific results using the Advanced menu.

Sequence and Molecule Registry

The Registry dashboard shows all of the unique entities that have been added, such as Expression Systems, Cell Lines, etc. 

Details page for the expression system "ES-2". Note the separate panels that provide a graphical representation of the related entities, the lineage/parentage, the associated samples, and if defined, detailed properties. A menu is available to kick off related actions, such as creating a cell line.



Assay data broken down by type and date.


The Samples dashboard shows different sets of samples and when they were registered. Detailed views for each sample include its lineage:

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