This step explains how to put into place the tabs and web parts that form the user interface for the ELN.

Folder Structure

First, create a new folder as a workspace.

  • Navigate to a project on your server where you have permission to create a new folder. The image below shows the project named "My Project".
  • Create a new subfolder. Hover over your chosen project's folder menu and click the "New Subfolder" button, as illustrated in the animation below.
  • On the Create Folder page:
    • Name the folder "ELN",
    • Select the Assay folder type.
    • Click Next.
  • On the Users/Permissions page:
    • Retain the default selection Inherit From Parent Folder
    • Click Finish.


Add three tabs to the folder to reflect the basic workflow: the lab begins with Vials, which are run through different Experiments, which finally provide Assay Results.

  • Enter (Admin) > Page Admin Mode.
  • Add the following tabs:
    • "Vials"
    • "Experiments".
  • To add a tab:
    • Click the mini tab in the upper right.
    • Enter the name and click OK.
  • Using the menu, rename the tab "Assay Dashboard" to "Assay Results" and move it to the far right by selecting Move > Right twice.
  • You should now have three tabs in this order: Vials, Experiments, Assay Results.

Web Parts

Finally add web parts to the tabs. These web parts allow users to manage the inventory, samples, and assay data.

  • If necessary, enter (Admin) > Page Admin Mode.
  • Click the Vials tab.
  • On the Vials tab, click the dropdown labeled <Select Web Part> on the left and select Sample Sets.
  • Click Add.
  • Click the Experiments tab.
  • On the Experiments tab, click the dropdown labeled <Select Web Part> on the left and select Files.
  • Click Add.
You will see the new Files repository web part.

Now you have a basic user interface for the ELN: each tab represents a different part of the lab workflow in left to right order: vials --> experiments --> assay data.

  • Click Exit Admin Mode to hide tab editing and web part addition options.

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