Upgrading from v 2.3 to v 8.1 introduces several minor behavior changes for existing queries and charts. The following tips will help you achieve expected behavior:

Query URLs

The "__DISPLAY" syntax for Query URLs has been fully deprecated. You will need to change any query that uses it. This syntax for qualifying query URLs was eliminated several milestones ago, but it was kept functional temporarily to ease transitioning queries to the new syntax.

For example, the following Query URL: https://www.labkey.org/Issues/home/developer/issues/list.view?Issues.sort=AssignedTo__DISPLAY

Would need to be changed to: https://www.labkey.org/Issues/home/developer/issues/list.view?Issues.sort=AssignedTo/DisplayName

Lines on Charts

Existing scatter plots that display lines between the points will not retain these lines during upgrade. You will need to create a new chart and click the "Show lines between points" checkbox to regain the lines. You cannot currently edit an existing, saved chart.

Participant Charts

After upgrading to v8.1, you may need to refresh cached data for existing, saved participant charts. If you cannot step through a group of participant charts by-participant, visit the grid view used to create the participant charts. Now return to the associated charts and you will be able to step through them participant-by-participant.


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