Import a List Archive


You can copy all lists in a folder to another folder or another server using export and import. Export packages up all your lists into a list archive: a file that conforms to the LabKey list export format. The process is similar to study export/import/reload. Information on the list serialization format is covered as part of Study Archive Files and Formats.


To export all the lists in a folder to a list archive:

  • In the folder that contains lists of interest, select (Admin) > Manage Lists.
  • Select Export List Archive.
  • All lists in the current folder are exported into a zip archive.


To import a list archive:

  • In the folder where you would like to import the list archive, select (Admin) > Manage Lists.
  • Select Import List Archive.
  • Browse to the .zip file that contains your list archive and select it.
  • Click Import List Archive.
  • The imported lists will then be displayed in the Lists web part.

Note: Existing lists will be replaced by lists in the archive with the same name; this could result in data loss and cannot be undone.

Auto-Increment Key Considerations

Exporting a list with an auto-increment key may result in different key values on import. If you have lookup lists make sure they use an integer or string key instead of an auto-increment key.

Related Topics

The Tutorial: Lists uses a list archive preconfigured to connect several lists with lookups between them. A walkthrough of the steps involved in creating that archive from independent lists is covered in Connect Lists.