In this step you will install LabKey Server and create a work space.

Install LabKey Server

Create a Flow Project

In this step, you will create a new project inside of LabKey Server to hold your Flow data. Projects are a way to organize your data and set up security so that only authorized users can see the data.

  • Log in to your server; you will need administrative access to create a new folder.
  • Create a new folder to work in.
    • Name: enter a unique name, for example, "My Flow Tutorial".
    • Folder Type: Flow.
    • Click Next.
    • On the Users/Permissions page, confirm "Inherit from Parent Folder" is checked and click Finish.

You will now see the Flow Dashboard:

The main Flow dashboard displays the following four sections (or web parts) by default:

  • Flow Experiment Management: Describes the user’s progress setting up an experiment and analyzing FCS files. It also includes links to perform actions.
  • Flow Analyses: Lists the flow analyses that have been performed in this folder.
  • Flow Scripts: Lists analysis scripts. An analysis script stores the gating template definition, rules for calculating the compensation matrix, and the list of statistics and graphs to generate for an analysis.
  • Flow Summary: Common actions and configurations.

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