Manual Upgrade Script for Linux, MacOSX, and Solaris



LabKey Server ships with a script for upgrading a LabKey Server running on Linux, MacOSX, Solaris, or other UNIX-style operating systems. This script, named, can be used to upgrade your LabKey Server to the latest version.

How to use this script

Type "" with no parameters in a console window for help on the script's parameters.

The script provides a number of command line options:

Usage: -l dir [-d dir] [-c dir] [-u tomcatuser] [--service] [--catalina]

-l dir: LABKEY_HOME directory to be upgraded. This directory contains the
the labkeywebapp, modules, pipeline-lib, etc directories for the running
LabKey Server instance. (Required)

-d dir: Upgrade distribution directory: contains labkeywebapp, lib, and
Defaults to current working directory. (Required)

-c dir: TOMCAT_HOME; root of LabKey Apache Tomcat installation.
Defaults to value of CATALINA_HOME environment variable. (Required)

-u owner: the tomcat user account (default current user)

--service: use /etc/init.d/tomcat to start/stop web server (default)

--catalina: use CATALINA_HOME/bin/ and CATALINA_HOME/bin/ to start/stop web server

The command-line options -l, -d, and -c are required.


For this example, we will assume that

  • LABKEY_HOME directory: /usr/local/labkey
  • Upgrade distribution directory: /usr/local/src/labkey/LabKey11.1-r16000-enterprise-bin
  • TOMCAT_HOME directory: /usr/local/tomcat
  • TOMCAT version: 6.0
  • Owner: tomcat
Using these assumptions, the upgrade command will be

cd /usr/local/src/labkey/LabKey11.1-r16000-enterprise-bin -l /usr/local/labkey -d /usr/local/src/labkey/LabKey11.1-r16000-enterprise-bin -c /usr/local/tomcat -u tomcat --service

Additional Notes

Roll back to previous version:

  • This script does not keep a backup copy of the LabKey Server java files after the upgrade. In order to install a previous version, you will need to have the LabKey Server distribution files available on your file system.
  • You can then simply execute the script again specifying the previous version's directory containing the uncompressed LabKey Server distribution files
Backup of LabKey Server database:
  • This script does not perform a backup of your LabKey Server database.


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