• Participant Groups. Easily create participant groups to organize and filter datasets without the overhead of configuring new cohorts.
  • Visit Names. You can now import visit names in dataset and specimen data.
  • Demonstration mode. Demonstration mode hides participant id's so that you can safely give live demonstrations of your study data without exposing confidential information.
  • Study Navigator improvements. The Study Navigator now shows a count of distinct participants rather then a count of rows/measures.


  • Data import: Excel 2007/2010. We now support importing Excel 2007/2010 files (XLSX files).
  • Data editing improvements. You can now directly edit run properties for all assay types and assay results for some assay types (most notably GPAT), without the need to delete and re-import the run. Changes are fully audited.
  • Luminex curve plots. You can now specify different curves for different analytes within a single run
  • Luminex import improvements. We now support samples split across multiple plates and importing multiple files as a single assay run.
  • Luminex well and analyte exclusion. You can now flag particular wells and analytes for exclusion from downstream analysis.


  • Time chart with multiple plots. You can now chart multiple measures on a single axis.


  • Specimen tube type. You can now specify a specimen's "tube type".
  • New view: Specimens per participant. New view shows detailed specimen information for a particular study participant.

Flow Cytometry

  • FlowJo import. We now support boolean gates containing relative and absolute gate paths and sub-populations of boolean gates in FlowJo workspaces.
  • FlowJo gate names. Parentheses are now supported in gate names.
  • Positivity reports. We now support flow cytometry positivity reports: contact LabKey for more information.


  • Libra support. We've added support for running Libra to perform iTRAQ quantitation.
  • Protein details roll-up view. We've improved the protein details page with the inclusion of a roll-up view.

User Interface Features

  • Drag-and-drop folder management. Organize your folders with a new drag-and-drop graphical interface.
  • SQL query editor improvements. Improved performance for query editing and error highlighting.
  • Filter dialog. We've re-implemented the filter dialog with improved look-and-feel, better error handling, and easier date entry.

Other Features

  • Performance improvements. Greatly improved performance when connecting to large external data sources.
  • Data Import to module-defined tables. You can now import data into module-define tables either by copy-and-paste or file upload of spreadsheets or TSVs.
  • Wiki page anchors. Wiki pages now support bookmarks/anchors.
  • Conditional Formatting. Tool tips now display an explanation for the conditional formatting.
  • Site level query validation. You can now test all of the queries on a site at one time.
  • List title fields. Custom title fields in lists now export/import as part of a list archive.

Extensibility and New APIs

JavaScript API

Other Changes

Upgrade Notes

  • If your LabKey Server installation contains a large number of flow runs, you may experience long upgrade times when upgrading to version 11.2. Please contact LabKey Support for more information.


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