Study Features

  • Study Home Page
    • Improved user interface and graphics, provide a cleaner, more intuitive design. (watch video)
    • Tabs provide easy navigation through your study. (watch video)
    • Protocol documents, investigators, and grant institutions can be specified to provide context for your study.
  • Ancillary Studies
    • Select a subset of your study data to create an ancillary study. (watch video)
  • Participant Groups
    • Easily create a new group from a filtered grid of participants. (watch video)


  • Time charts
    • Create graphs for both visit- and date-based data.
    • Specify date settings separately for measures from different datasets.
    • Overlay or replace participant graph lines with group aggregated lines. (watch video)
    • Generate charts for each participant group/cohort. (watch video)
    • Customize y-axes labels on multi-measure timecharts, including multiple ranges and units.
  • Data Browser
    • See a visual summary of available reports and datasets. (watch video)
    • Hover over popups provide a summary and a dynamically generated thumbnail image. (watch video)
  • Column Header Locking
    • Column headers do not scroll off the top of the page as you scroll through a large set of data records. (watch video)
  • Reports
    • Improved rendering performance for reports.


  • ELIspot
    • Customize the run details page like any other grid view in LabKey Server.
  • Luminex
    • Create guide sets to establish the acceptable range of values for a given analyte and to establish whether new runs are out of range as they are uploaded.
    • See trends in EC50 values to evaluate the assay's performance over time.
    • Graphically track EC50/AUC/MFI values for quality control.
    • Luminex assays now include %CV (coefficient of variation) to help identify problematic data.
    • Exclude problematic data points and re-run the curve fit.
  • Flow Cytometry
    • Import only selected groups from a FlowJo workspace.
    • Integrate flow normalization using R flowWorkspace package.
    • Import and export flow analysis zip archives.
  • Proteomics
    • Import and display Libra results, including iTraq quantitation results.
    • Integrated Lorikeet spectra view on peptide details page for improved zooming, viewing additional ion types, and more.
    • Retain merged search-specific and default settings to more easily evaluate configuration that produced the results.
  • Genotyping
    • Dramatically improved performance for genotyping analyses and allele combining.
    • Delete matches from results.


  • We now support impersonation of a group as well as individual users.
  • Users can reset their passwords when authenticated against an LDAP database.
  • Nested security groups are now supported.
  • Visualize your project security settings with a graphical representation of group/user relationships.

Other Features

  • Run validation scripts on spreadsheets upon import.
  • Support for multiple LabKey Server instances using a single SQL Server database.
  • Improved installation and upgrade wizard.
  • Improved project and folder creation wizard.
  • New Linux installer.
  • LabKey Server is now available as an Amazon Machine Image.

Extensibility and New APIs

Upgrade Notes

  • Customers with large installations of LabKey Server may experience longer than normal upgrade times to due to changes in LabKey's auditing module.


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