• Participant lists. Quickly find study participants using a new faceted filtering interface. (See a video demonstration.)
  • Project settings import and export. LabKey Server now support export/import of project and folder settings, enabling rapid configuration of multiple containers with similar settings.
  • Customizable participant report. Create exportable reports focusing on particular participants and data. (See a video demonstration.)
  • External/attachment reports. Specify report type, description, author, and other metadata when adding supplementary documents.
  • Study Schedule view. View and edit which datasets are required for a given timepoint in your study.
  • Placeholder datasets. Create a placeholder dataset in expectation of incoming data.
  • Data Browser. Improved data browser shows locked/unlocked status, optional data cut date column.
  • Full text search for protocol documents. Full text search is now applied to your study's protocol document and summary description.


  • Message board notifications. Message boards now support forum- and thread-level message board notifications.
  • Discussion links. Start an email-based or message-based discussion when viewing datasets and reports.


  • Error bars. Time charts now support error bars.
  • Faceted filtering. New faceted filter interface for lookup fields. (See a video demonstration.)


  • Quality control flags (Luminex). Improved quality control flags for Luminex assay types.
  • Script background processing (Luminex and GPAT). Long-running transform scripts for Luminex and "general purpose" (GPAT) assays can be run as a background pipeline job.
  • Normalized spot counts (ELISpot). Normalized spot counts are now included in the ELISpot assay design.
  • Beckman Coulter CXP LMD files (Flow Cytometry). Beckman Coulter CXP files are now supported.
  • FlowJo GatingML workspaces (Flow Cytometry). Import FlowJo PC workspaces containing GatingML gate definitions.
  • GEO Excel file generation. (Microarray). Automatically generate GEO Excel spreadsheets.
  • Improved search protocol editor (Proteomics). Easily configure additional search settings, like quantitation and PeptideProphet/ProteinProphet probability cutoffs. Easily assign jobs to specific Globus clusters and queues.
  • Data Export: Excel 2007. Export datasets and lists to Excel 2007 file format.


  • Job cancellation. Cancel jobs currently in the queue or running.
  • Support for multiple Globus clusters. Submit jobs to multiple Globus GRAM enabled clusters.


  • Permissions report. Detailed permissions report are provided for each folder, clearly listing who as access at what level, making it easier to understand complex security settings. (See a video demonstration.)

New APIs

  • Message board API improvements.
  • Google Web Toolkit update. The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) has been upgraded to the following versions: GWT 2.4.0, GXT 2.2.5, and GWT DND 3.1.2. If you use the GWT development tools to debug, you can get the latest SDK here:


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