Observational Studies

  • Participant ID aliases. Manage alternate participant IDs from multiple sources; display and search for subjects using any of their aliases.
  • Mask clinic names. Obscure clinic and draw site names when exporting or publishing.
  • Date shift exclusion. Exclude selected dates from shifting on study export.
  • Expanded data types for study publication. Option to include wikis, reports, webparts, properties, and other data on study publication.
  • Subcategories for data views. Organize datasets and views in a hierarchy of categories.


  • Linked Schemas. Securely show data from one folder in another folder.
  • Filtered/parameterized schemas. Refine data views by applying metadata filters and overrides to schemas templates.
  • Web Part Permissions. Apply security role requirements to individual web parts.

Assays and 'Omics

  • (NAb) High-throughput NAb assay. Support for high-throughput 384 well NAb assay.
  • (Genotyping) Improved support for Illumina. Validate sample sheet based on Illumina indexes. Add custom fields to data exports.
  • Culture adaptation assay. Create culture adaptation experiments.


  • Survey Designer. Design web-based surveys and long form questionaires.
  • Faceted filtering panel. Slide out faceted filtering panel on datasets.
  • Rename and move tabs. Rename, move and delete folder tabs.

Specimen Tracking

  • Request notifications configuration. Configure vial list to appear in either email body or email attachment.
  • Clinic name protection. Mask clinic and draw site names with a generic label.
  • Vial grouping configuration. Configure grouping hierarchy in vial browser.
  • Active/inactive users highlighting. Easily identify inactive users in the specimen tracking system.

New APIs

  • Updated PERL library Labkey::Query 1.03. Added ability to specify timeouts and user agent.
  • Updated Query API. Added support for ExtJS 4.x store. Similar to the Ext 3.x store, in order to help with client-side component migration.


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