• Study publication. Publish a secure, anonymized snapshot of your data.
  • Unenrolled participant handling. Track unenrolled/pre-enrolled participants.
  • Unscheduled visit handling. Allow data from unscheduled visits.
  • Category hierarchy for participant groups. Organize participant groups into categories, such as "Treatment Groups" or "Treatment Regimes".

Quality Control

  • Improved audit configuration. Configure auditing for any table.
  • Auditing performance improvements.

Visualization and Reports

  • Charting Query-based Columns. Query-based columns are available in time charts.
  • Charting. Color-coded data points in scatter and box plots.


  • Assay data versioning and replacement. Replace mistaken data with corrected versions. Retain previous data for auditing and data transparency.
  • QC flagged progress reports. Track assay completion and quality control status on the same report. Data from unscheduled visits is also tracked.
  • Support for folder move and rename.
  • (ELIspot) Improved graphical calibration view.
  • (Flow Cytometry) Integration with FCSExpress.
  • (Mass Spec) Targeted MS Experiments. New "Panorama" MS module supports targeted mass specrometry experiments, including integration with Skyline.
  • (Mass Spec) Peptide Map Export. Export combined peptide map for all runs in a comparison set.
  • (Genotyping) Haplotype assignment. - Support for haplotype assignment and reporting.


  • Improved options for specimen request email notifications.
  • Publish anonymized specimen snapshots.
  • Ancillary study. Create an ancillary study based on a specimen request.


  • Study Publishing. A suite of tools for protecting and randomizing PHI (protected health information).
  • User properties. User table is now customizable.
  • Custom Tabs. Support for tabbed layouts in XML-defined custom folder types.
  • Graphical interface for file repository. Graphical user interface for moving and renaming files/directories in file management tool.
  • Configurable tabs. Add and rename tabbed layout. Migrate child folders to child tabs.

Documentation and Samples

  • New sample data. We have increased the scope of our fictional sample data set to match our growing feature set. 200+ new, imaginary human participants. New measurements (for example, viral count), new participant groups, richer visualizations.

New APIs

  • Ext features. Setting for Ext 3 library delivery.
  • LABKEY.MultiRequest. Note that LABKEY.MultiRequest no longer extends Ext.Observable so any Observable methods such as .addListener() will no longer work on LABKEY.MultiRequest.


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