Features added in LabKey Server version 14.2:


  • Native, browser-based drag-and-drop file uploader. New uploader works out of the box, requiring no Java applets to install or configure. (docs)
  • Improved pipeline processing for scripts and external commands. Supported scripts include R, Python, Perl, and others. Set output directories and file names. Job deletion can delete associated experiment runs. (docs)
    === Sponsored by HIPC - Human Immunology Project Consortium
  • Improved user interface and documentation for impersonating users, groups, and roles. (docs)

Observational Studies

Specimen Management

  • Customizable specimen report webpart, allowing display of reports by participant, cohort type, requested by location, and others. (docs)
    === Sponsored by ITN - Immune Tolerance Network
  • Improved FreezerPro integration. Import data directly into the specimen management system on demand or on a regular schedule. (docs)
    === Sponsored by a major pharmaceutical corporation.


  • Reduce assay user input error. Guidance for using defaults and validation. (docs)


  • Context sensitive help. New context-sensitive help links navigate directly to the relevant documentation topic. (docs)
  • Project/Folders Best Practices. New documentation provides dos and don'ts for setting up projects and folders. (docs)
  • Guidance for preparing data for import into LabKey Server. (docs)
  • Updated documentation for using saved filters and sorts. (docs)
  • Updated File Repository Tutorial. New step provides an advanced keyword and search application.
  • Updated Collaboration Tutorial. (docs)
  • Updated Security Tutorial. (docs)
  • Updated General Assay and NAb Assay Tutorials. (docs) | (docs)


  • knitr designer view. Set JavaScript dependencies to support the knitr designer view. (docs)
    === Sponsored by HIPC - Human Immunology Project Consortium
  • Support for SQL Server 2014.
  • Support for MySQL 5.6 external data sources.
  • Support for building and running on Java 8.
  • Removed support for PostgreSQL 8.4

Potential Backwards Compatibility Issues

  • Dataset import behavior change: For consistency with other data types, imported data rows are now treated as an insert (disallowing duplicates), instead of a merge.


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