• Expanded notification options: Receive notifications for all changes to reports and datasets, or changes in particular categories. (docs)
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  • Extraction of thumbnail images: Thumbnail images embedded in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents can be automatically integrated into data views. (docs)
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  • Data pipeline: When you process and upload data, the data pipeline remembers and returns to the last directory you visited. (docs)
  • Auto-completion: Username and email fields have improved auto-completion in the following areas: specimen requests, issues, messages, and user/permissions management.
  • Issues management: Issue lists can inherit admin settings from another folder, simplifying and consolidating administration tasks when managing multiple issues lists. (docs)
  • ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) improvements - (video)
    • Performance has been improved for large jobs.
    • Support for cancellation of running jobs. (docs)
    • Support ETLs into target tables which have JavaScript Triggers Scripts.
    • A bulkLoad option minimizes logging and processing overhead. (docs)
    • Allow finer granularity of transaction size when writing into the target table, including no transaction option. (docs)
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    • ETL export to files, such as TSV and CSV files. (docs)
    • Support for pipeline command tasks in ETLs. (docs)
    • Support for stored procedures which return result sets; use the result set as source query. (docs)
    • Support for stored procedures that pass parameter values to further stored procedure steps in the same ETL. (docs)
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Assays / Instrumental Data

  • (ELISpot) Handle "too numerous to count" values: Instrument codes for "too numerous to count" are recognized and excluded from calculations. (docs)
  • (Luminex) Run re-calculations as a pipeline job: After inspecting and choosing to exclude certain data values, the curve fit recalculation can be processed in the background using the pipeline. (docs)
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Development and Operations

  • Recommended Java Upgrade: As part of the 15.1 release, we recommend that all users upgrade to use Java 1.8u40 or later. The end of life date for Java 1.7 is scheduled for April 2015, after which, public updates will no longer be available. (installation docs), (configuration docs)
  • Module resources reload: To make development easier on a production server, many file-based module resources are dynamically reloaded (from the /deploy directory) when the server detects changes to those files.
  • SQL Server synonyms: Synonyms on tables and views are supported. (docs)
  • Rlabkey security: Rlabkey now defaults to TLSv1, instead of SSL3. (docs)

Potential Backwards Compatibility Issues

  • Java Client API changes - HttpClient library: The underlying HTTP library used by the Java Client API has been migrated from Apache Commons HttpClient 3.1 to Apache HttpComponents HttpClient 4.3.5. We have made every effort to hide the substantial changes in the underlying library from users of our Java client API. However, some Java API methods exposed Apache classes that have been removed (e.g., HttpMethod, HttpConnectionManager, and the old HttpClient), making 100% compatibility impossible. Please test your code thoroughly against the new library. (API docs)
  • Java Client API changes - Self-signed Certificates: For security reasons, the Java client API no longer connects by default with servers having self-signed certificates. Users of the API can override this behavior by calling Connection.setAcceptSelfSignedCerts(true).
  • Character Encoding Changes: Study, list, and folder archives are now all written using the UTF-8 character encoding for text files, and imported archives are parsed as UTF-8. In addition, text exports from grids consistently use UTF-8 character encoding. Formerly, these operations used the server's default character encoding.


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