Assays / Instrument Data

  • FluoroSpot Assay: New assay type to support FluoroSpot experimental results. Results can be viewed in a graphical representation of the experimental plate, with selectable highlights for given samples and antigens. (docs)
  • GO (Gene Ontology) Annotation Improvements: Imported GO annotations are now queriable, making it possible to include them in custom SQL queries, reports, and charts, and to join them with related data, such as protein expression and mass spectrometry data. (docs)
    === Sponsored by HIRN - Human Islet Research Network
  • (Mass Spec) Guide Set for Panorama Quality Control Plots: Visualize the expected range of values in the quality control dashboard. (docs)
    === Sponsored by Panorama Partners Program members

Data Integration / Studies

  • Auto Generation of Schema Export Scripts: Auto-generate a migration script for moving tables and data to a different environment/schema. (docs)


  • Site-wide Terms of Use: Require users to agree to a 'terms of use' when logging into the site. The terms of use is scoped to the entire site as a whole, instead of scoped to an individual project. (docs)
    === Sponsored by ITN - Immune Tolerance Network
  • Folder Display Title: Display titles can be specified for folders that can be different from the underlying folder name. (docs)
  • File Upload for Sample Sets: Upload new sample sets from a file. Supported formats include: tab-separated value files (TSV) or Excel files (XLS and XLSX). (docs)


Extract-Transform-Load (ETLs)


  • Generate Java Data Access Code: Export the definition of any data grid as Java code. Use this code to load the data into a Java application. (docs)


  • 3rd Party Software Included in the Windows Graphical Installer:
    • PostgreSQL 9.4.4
    • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8u45
    • Apache Tomcat 7.0.62
  • Site Validation Service: A new site validation service has been introduced, to help diagnose issues with schema integrity, etc. (docs)

Potential Backwards Compatibility Issues

  • Java 7 no longer supported. Starting with version 15.2, LabKey Server no longer supports Java 7. Please upgrade to Java 8. (docs)
  • PostgreSQL 9.0.x no longer supported. We recommend upgrading to the latest point release of PostgreSQL 9.4.x. (docs)
  • Email Notification for Specimen Requests. After upgrading to 15.2, existing studies may need to have their specimen email notifications reconfigured. To do this, go the study in question, click the Manage tab and click Manage Notifications (near the bottom of the page). Inside the text boxes Notify of New Requests and Always CC, hit the Enter key in between each email entry. Failing to reconfigure the notifications in this way may result in notifications being sent to only the first email address in each list.
  • Email Unregistered Addresses: In LABKEY.Message, the parameter 'allowUnregisteredUser' (which allowed logged-in users to send emails to unregistered addresses) has been deprecated. In version 15.2, an administrator must enable email to unregistered addresses by assigning the role "Email Non-Users" to some user or group. (docs)


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