Study Data Management

  • FreezerPro: Improved setup and configuration, including a graphical user interface for selecting specimen types and mapping columns. Improved performance when importing data. Available in LabKey Server Professional, Professional Plus, and Enterprise Editions. (docs)
  • Adjudication Module: Facilitate independent assessments of a given case, where two or more assessors have access to the same data, but none can see any other's decision before they have made their own determination. Used for gaining confidence that a given diagnosis or decision is correct. (docs)

Assays / Instrument Data

  • (Panorama) Quality Control Dashboard: Quality control summary is based on data in subfolders. New metric added: Mass Accuracy. Graph both precursor and fragment values on the same plot. (docs)
  • (Panorama) Small Molecule Support: Support for storing and viewing small molecule data via Skyline documents. (docs)
  • (Panorama) Automatically Link Skyline Document Versions: When importing Skyline documents, different versions of the same document are automatically linked together. (docs)
  • (Mass Spec) Configure Mascot at the Project or Folder-level: Use the site-wide Mascot configuration as the default; use the project and folder-level configuration to override the site-wide configuration. (docs)
  • (Mass Spec) Mascot-specific Details: Additional details are now imported from Mascot search results, including metadata, decoy, and alternative peptide information. (docs)
  • (HPLC) HPLC Assay Design: A new HPLC module includes an HPLC assay design, supports automatic or manual upload of result files, and contains overlayed chromatogram visualizations for multiple runs. (docs)

User Interface

  • Hover for File Preview: Hover over a file icon in the repository to see a preview of the file contents. (docs)
  • Display Image Thumbnails in a Grid: Display inline thumbnails for file and attachment fields in lists, sample sets, or assay result grids. (docs)
  • Customizable Email Templates for Announcements: Customize the email sent for message board activity. (docs)


  • Security Bulk Update API: Supports programmatic update of security groups and role assignments. Improved import of groups from external systems. (docs)


  • Trigger Scripts: Trigger scripts can now be applied when importing data to Lists. (docs) | (docs)
  • Transform Scripts: Assay import using transformation scripts now can include warning reporting, offering the user the option to proceed or cancel the import. (docs)
  • Long Text Strings: For administrator defined tables such as lists, datasets, and assay results, text columns can now hold the maximum number of characters allowed by the underlying database implementation. Previously, LabKey Server limited string columns in these tables to a maximum of 4000 characters, regardless of the maximum length allowed by the database implementation. (docs)


  • Improved Server Upgrade Process: Starting in 16.1, the server initiates upgrade and startup of all modules at server startup time. Administrators can still log in to view upgrade/startup progress, but the server will no longer wait for a login. Previously, the server would upgrade the core module at server startup, but would wait for an administrator login before upgrading other modules or initiating module startup. This change streamlines the startup process, simplifies upgrade code, and facilitates scripted upgrades of LabKey Server.
  • Support PostgreSQL 9.5: For details, see Supported Technologies.
  • New Full-Text Search Administration Option: A new option lets you specify the directory type used by the underlying full-text search library. In most cases, we recommend using the default setting. If you encounter problems with full-text search, contact LabKey for recommended changes to this setting. (docs)

Potential Backwards Compatibility Issues

  • Default Request URL Pattern Change: New default URL pattern, for details see LabKey URLs.


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