• Time Charts - Time charts have been incorporated into common chart designer. (docs)
  • "Mostly Numbers" Columns - The server will create plots for text columns when they are mostly numbers. Non-numeric values such as '<1' or 'too small to measure' will be ignored, allowing users to create visualizations from columns that contain a mix of numeric and textual values. (docs)
  • Bar Chart Enhancements - Incorporate data from more columns using bar groupings. (docs)
  • Column Statistics -- New statistics include Median, Median Absolute Deviation, Quartiles, and Interquartile Range. Simplified UI for all column summary statistics. Available in LabKey Server Premium Editions. (docs)
  • Grid Export - Specify how column headers are exported with data grids. (docs)

Instrument Data

  • Assay Request Module - An extension of the Issues module designed especially for the assaying of samples/specimens. Available in LabKey Server Premium Editions. (docs)
  • (NAb) Quality Control - Exclusion and comments for NAb assay data. (docs)
  • (NAb) Statistics - Display %CV (percent coefficient of variation) on NAb assay result graphs. (docs)
  • (Luminex) Quality Control - Exclude analytes from singlepoint unknown samples. (docs)
  • (Genotyping) MiSeq - Support for new FASTQ header formatting. (docs)
  • (Proteomics) Panorama Statistics and Quality Control
    • Moving Range, Mean Cumulative Sum (CUSUMm), and Variability CUSUM plots to Levey-Jennings plots in Panorama QC folders. (docs)
    • Summary hover tooltips show statistics for all methods. (docs)
    • Pareto plots include all plot types for all guide sets. (docs)
    • QC Plot interface enhanced with size/layout flexibility, legend options, etc. (docs) and
    • Use AutoQC to deduplicate data and simplify updating Skyline files. (docs)

Sample Sets

  • Sample Ids - New flexible options for naming samples in sample sets. Build a unique id for each sample using fields from the current row, random numbers, iterating integers, etc. (docs)


  • Delete Multiple Visits - Improved study management by deleting multiple visits or timepoints in a study. (docs)
  • Cancel Import - Elect to stop import of a study if it would create new visits for imported data. (docs)
  • Disallow Visit Overlap - Import of a visit map will fail if there are visits with overlapping time periods. (docs)
  • Thumbnail Image Deletion - The user interface now provides for a way to delete custom icons and thumbnail images. (docs)


  • FISMA Compliance Enhancements - Available in LabKey Server Premium Editions.
    • Configure user accounts to expire after a set date. (docs)
    • Disable user accounts after periods of non-use. (docs)
    • Notify administrators if audit processing fails. (docs)
    • Limit the allowable number of login attempts. (docs)
    • Restrict identity service providers to only FICAM approved providers. (docs)
  • On Server Folder Copy - Populate a new folder from an existing folder on the server without first exporting to an archive. (docs)
  • New Role - Message Board Contributor This new role allows participation in message board conversations. (docs)
  • Disable Discussion Link - Ability to disable object-level discussions at the site or project level. (docs)
  • Pipeline enhancements - Manage multiple pipeline protocols in a new web part. (docs)

NLP and Document Abstraction

  • Improved Document Queuing - An improved task list allows the user to control the sequence of documents they process and makes it easier to reopen processing if they mistakenly approve a document. (docs)
  • Case Status API - Obtain the calculated case status value via API. (docs)
  • Document Batching - Abstractors can manage their task list by 'batching' related documents.


  • Improved Upload Interface - Clearer upload interface clarifying what will happen and which steps are optional. (docs)
  • Case Data Updates - New case data can be added even after a determination has been reached. New data can replace or be merged with existing case data. (docs)
  • Infection Monitor Interface. Infection monitors are no longer notified unless an infection is confirmed. (docs)



  • Gradle Build Framework - LabKey Server developers can now build the server from source using the Gradle build framework. Ant build targets will be removed in release 17.2. (docs)


  • MS SQL Server Installation
    • Improved installation of PremiumStats CLR functions when required. (docs)
    • Improved installation of GROUP_CONCAT script when required. (docs)


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