A study can integrate demographic and participant data (as you've already uploaded) with experimental and laboratory data. In this tutorial, we will upload a simple specimen archive which contains (fictional) data from specimens collected from some of the participants in our demo study. For more complete specimen repository information, see Specimen Tracking.

Import a Specimen Archive

First you upload the specimen archive to the server, then import the data into the database.

  • Click the Specimen Data tab.
  • In the Specimens web part, click Import Specimens.
  • In Excel, open [LabKeyDemoFiles]/Specimens/SimpleSpecimenRepository.xls.
    • Select the entire spreadsheet, including column headings.
    • Copy and paste the contents into the Upload Specimens window
  • Click Submit.
  • When you see the message "Specimens uploaded successfully," click Specimens to see the data.

Explore Specimen Data

  • Click the Specimen Data tab.
  • In the Specimens web part, expand the Specimen Reports item by clicking the "+".
  • Click View Available Reports.
  • From this page you can view a variety of reports.
  • For example, next to Type Summary Report, click View.
  • Notice that here you see the number of specimens present for each time point.
    • You can view by cohort as well as select different ways to view the specimen data.
    • Clicking any link in the Summary table will itemize the specimen vials that make up that total count.

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