This topic is under construction for the 22.5 (May 2022) release of LabKey Biologics.

Multiple Biologics folders can share use of a single freezer by enabling the experimental feature "Subfolder data in LabKey Products". This supports creation of a nested set of Biologics subfolders within a single Biologics project.

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Set Up Shared Freezer

To share a freezer, create it in the parent project, defining the properties and hierarchies as usual. It will then be visible in all subfolders of that project.

Users with the "Storage Editor" role in either the parent project or any subfolder will then be able to use the freezer to store and manage samples. Access to sample details is always dependent upon permissions in the container where the sample is defined.

In a shared freezer where a user has permission to see data from all subfolders using it, the user will see data from all containers as if all the samples were local. Using folder-specific naming prefixes can help users identify the source of samples.

Storage Occupied by Inaccessible Samples

In a shared freezer where a user does not have permission to read data from other containers, storage views will show a spaces as occupied, but instead of revealing any data about the sample, will show a icon. This means the space is occupied by a "restricted sample".

The same icon is shown when users move samples, ensuring both that spaces are never occupied by multiple samples and that data is only shared with authorized users.

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