Below are video excerpts from our monthly, new feature meetings. In each excerpt, a developer demonstrates the feature and takes questions from the audience. If you would like an invitation to our next "sprint" demo meeting please email

TitleDescriptionSprint NumberVideo Link
Secure Collaboration: Linked/Filtered Schemas

Mark Igra shows how to securely show data in a folder (without granting access to the entire folder). April 2013

13.1.4Play Video
Alternate Participant IDsAdam Rauch explains how to set up alternate participant ids. March 201313.1.3Play Video
Web Part PermissionsAlan Vezina explains how to set security requirements for individual web parts/page parts. March 201313.1.3Play Video
Culture Adaptation AssayAvital Sadot describes new assay types to support culture adaptation experiments. March 201313.1.3Play Video
Pathology Viewer

Adam Rauch demonstrates recent custom application work.  Jan 2013

13.1.2Play Video
Survey DesignerCorey Nathe shows how to create surveys and long form questionnaires with the survey designer. Jan 201313.1.2Play_Video


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