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SQL synonyms provide a way to connect to a database with alternate names/aliases for database objects such as tables, views, procedures, etc. The alternate names form a layer of abstraction between LabKey Server and the underlying database, providing the following benefits:

  • Easier integration with external databases. Naming differences between the client (LabKey Server) and the resource (the database) are no longer a barrier to connection.
  • Insulation from changes in the underlying database. If the names of database resources change, you can maintain the connection without changing core client code.
  • Hides the underlying database. You can interact with the database without knowing its exact underlying structure.
SQL synonyms are currently supported for MS SQL Server and for table names only.

Set Up

To set up SQL synonyms, first add a new datasource to the labkey.xml file. For details see External Microsoft SQL Server Data Sources.

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