Your LabKey Server Trial instance contains the following modules:
  • Announcements: Message Board and Discussion Service
  • API: Internal API classes
  • Audit: Audit Log Service
  • CAS: CAS SSO Authentication Service
  • Core: Administration and Essential Services
  • Docker: Docker Module
  • EvaluationContent: Evaluation Server Content Module
  • Experiment: Experiment Service
  • FileContent: File Content Service
  • Internal: Internal Classes and Resources
  • Issues: Issue Tracking Service
  • List: List Service
  • Pipeline: Pipeline Service
  • Query 18.10: Query Service
  • rstudio: Integrate RStudio Functionality
  • Search: Search Service
  • Study: Study and Assay Service
  • Visualization: Visualization Service
  • Wiki: Wiki Service
Site administrators can view the list of modules at > Site > Admin Console. Click Module Information.

Community Edition

Premium Editions

To learn about additional features and modules available with LabKey Premium Editions, review this chart or contact us.


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