Define Run-Specific Parameters and Import Data

This page covers run-specific parameters for Luminex assays. It presumes you are working through the overall steps for importing assay data covered on the Import Assay Runs page and you have already entered Batch Properties.

Enter Run Properties

Run parameters will be used as metadata for all data imported as part of this Run.


  1. If you wish to specify a name for the Run, enter it. Otherwise, if you import a file the server will use the file's name for the Run's name. If you paste in a TSV table, the server will automatically generate a name, including the assay's name and today's date.
  2. You must also provide Run Data. To import a data file, click Browse and select the appropriate file. Currently, the only supported file format is the BioPlex, multi-sheet Excel format.
  3. Click Next
  4. You are now on the page titled "Data Import: Analyte Properties."
  5. On this page, you can supply values for additional fields associated with each analyte in the import file.

Import Runs

You are now ready to finalize import. Note that during import, we import metadata from the start and end of each page in the Luminex Excel file. In addition, we convert some flagged values in the file. See Luminex Conversions for further details.


  1. Press the “Save and Import Another Run” button to import this set of runs and continue importing additional runs.
  2. Press Save and Finish when you have finished importing runs. This closes the Batch.

Parsing of the Description Field

The Excel file format includes a single field for sample information, the Description field. LabKey Server will automatically attempt to parse the field to split it into separate fields if it contains information like Participant and Date. Formats supported include:
  • <SpecimenId>; <PTID>, Visit <VisitNumber>, <Date>, <ExtraInfo>
  • <SpecimenId>: <PTID>, Visit <VisitNumber>, <Date>, <ExtraInfo>
  • <PTID>, Visit <VisitNumber>, <Date>, <ExtraInfo>
The "Visit" before the visit number itself is optional. <Date> and <ExtraInfo> are optional as well. LabKey Server will use the value of the "TargetStudy" field (specified as a batch or run field), if present, to resolve the SpecimenId.


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