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Managing Protected Health InformationSteve Hanson reviews tools to randomize PHI data.Play Video

Developer New Feature Demonstrations

During each software development "sprint", the development team provides live demonstrations of newly minted features that have passed a full cycle of development, testing, and stabilization.  These features are ready for your inspection and use on your test servers. We're hoping to hear your feedback as we finalize our work. If you would like an invitation to our next sprint demo meeting please email sprintdemo@labkey.com

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Specimen SnapshotsDeveloper Cory Nathe reviews recent work on study publication features, especially options for handling specimen data.Play_Video
Workflows for Assays - Upload DashboardCory Nathe reviews new assay workflow tools, featuring the data upload dashboard.Play Video
Workflows for Assays - Assay Progress ReportsCory Nathe explains how to track assay completion, featuring data tracking for unscheduled visits.Play Video
Unscheduled Visit HandlingDeveloper and LabKey Partner Matt Bellew explains how to track data collected on unscheduled visits.Play Video
Charting Query-Based ColumnsDeveloper Cory Nathe shows that columns defined in SQL queries are now available in the charting wizards and in the view customizer.Play Video


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