Version 2.3 represents a important step forward in the ongoing evolution of LabKey Server and its applications. Enhancements support LabKey's mission of providing the premier scientific data management system (SDMS) for experimental and observational study information. In this release, LabKey introduces the following new capabilities:


Enhancements to LabKey's application for mass-spec proteomics strengthens the position of CPAS as the best platform for processing, storing, searching and comparing thousands of runs of MS2 data.

  • Run Comparisons. Improvements to peptide-based MS2 run comparisons, including the ability to compare runs from different search engines and view XPRESS quantitation data.
  • Data Import. Faster and more complete import of data from UniProt and FASTA protein files.
  • MS1. New MS1 module for importing and viewing MS1 features from files generated by the open-source msInspect tool.

Research Studies

LabKey now makes it easier to manage large studies tracking partipants over time. It provides new facilities for integrating data from participant-completed forms with assay results derived from each participant's biological specimens.

  • More Flexible Data Integration. Specimen identity can be mapped to assay results after the assays have been run by means of a user-defined cross-reference list. Data rows can now contain participant/visit IDs, a specimen ID, or a mapping ID that allows lookup of participant/visit information via list or file.
  • Time-based Studies. Support for analyzing time-based trends in studies where participants don't necessarily check in on a fixed visit schedule.
  • Dataset "Snapshots". Better support for viewing dataset "snapshots" and direct read-only database access to the underlying study tables, for users of SQL-based query and reporting tools.

Assay and Experiment Services

With every release, LabKey Server broadens and deepens its support for describing, importing and annotating datasets from the instruments and assays requested by our customers. In Release 2.3, general assay and experiment improvements include:

  • Integration. Improved integration of specimens, assay plan and assay designs
  • Usability. Enhanced usability of sample sets, plus the added capability to derive samples from other samples and to describe their properties.
  • Sample Views. Views that display all derived samples from a given sample, and indicate what runs use it.
  • TZM-bl Neutralization Assay (NAB) Improvements. Improvements include better data upload options, customization of assay parameters and new support for four- and five- parameter curve-fitting graphs.

Administration and Collaboration

Refinements to search and wiki features make it even easier to find and share information with colleagues:

  • Search. Support for exact phrase searching and the use of logical operators in searches.
  • Wiki. Simplified UI for attachment of multiple files to Wiki Pages.


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