Highlights of the 11.3 Release

Data Management

  • Create an ancillary study to focus on interesting subsets of your data. (watch video)
  • Easily organize your data with a new tabbed user interface. (watch video)
  • Quickly create participant groups and cohorts. (watch video)
Advanced Data Visualization
  • Browse visual summaries of all your data in the new data browser. (watch video)
  • See aggregate data trends with an improved time chart designer. (watch video)
  • Effortlessly scroll through large data grids with an improved data viewer. (watch video)
  • Ensure high-quality Luminex data with new graphical quality control tools.
Data Security
  • Easily create sophisticated security policies with nested security groups.
  • Manage complex security group relationships with a graphical security visualizer.
  • Test security settings by impersonating groups in addition to individual users.


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