We're delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server v15.3 and share other exciting community news.

Feature Highlights of v15.3

For details, see the release notes, or download the latest version of LabKey Server.

Community News

  • User Conference Videos and Slide Decks - Presentations from the 2015 user conference are now available as videos and slide decks.
  • Genomics England - Genomics England is partnering with LabKey to design and develop a solution that will integrate and securely share complex clinical and genomic data for the 100,000 Genomes Project.
  • Just Biotherapeutics - Just Biotherapeutics, Inc. and LabKey are teaming up to develop a new software product that help will biotechnology R&D teams produce more effective and affordable biotherapeutics by optimizing the development process.
  • Premium Editions - LabKey Software has introduced Premium Editions of LabKey Server. For feature details of each edition, see LabKey Server Editions.


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