We're delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server v16.3 and share other exciting community news.

Feature Highlights of v16.3

Chart Designer
Create precision visualizations with a new, intuitive chart designer. Visualize your data using Scatter Plots, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, and others.

RStudio Integration
Use RStudio to develop R scripts for LabKey Server. Launch RStudio loaded with data selected in LabKey Server.

Document Abstraction Workflow
Design robust processes for extracting data from documents. Track the document stream through each stage, including upload, automatic or manual abstraction, review, and re-processing.

For details on all the new features, see the release notes, or download the latest version of LabKey Server.

Community News

User Conference Presentations
If you couldn't attend the user conference, you can see the presentations here: Videos and Presentations from the LabKey User Conference 2016


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