We're delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server version 17.1 and share other exciting community news.

Feature Highlights of Version 17.1

New Column Statistics
New statistics have been added, including, Median, Median Absolute Deviation, Quartiles, and Interquartile Range. (docs)

Account Administration
New features in the Compliance module allow administrators to limit login attempts, set up user account expiration dates, and automatically disable inactive user accounts. (docs)

Assay Request Tracker
Initiate and track assay requests, tying together the samples to be assayed and the data that results from the assay run. (docs)

For details on all the new features, see the release notes, or download the latest version of LabKey Server.

Community News

LabKey User Conference 2017
This year’s conference and workshop will take place October 5-6 at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Seattle, WA. Stay tuned for additional details and registration information.

Biologics Video Series
A new series of short videos introduces LabKey Biologics. See how LabKey Biologics facilitates complex bio-engineering processes such as registering protein and nucleotide sequences and tracking assay data workflows.


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