We're delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server version 17.3.

Feature Highlights of Version 17.3

User Interface Update
The 17.3 release includes big improvements to the LabKey Server user interface. Enhancements include:
  • Project Navigation - Project and folder navigation has been redesigned as a single-column scrollable list, which also works well on tablets and other small windows. (docs)
  • Frameless Web Parts - You now have the option to render cleaner looking pages using "frameless" web parts, which removes the web part title, the surrounding border, and the top banner. (docs)
  • Grid Interface - Improvements include: (1) new graphics and buttons, (2) filters and sorts are automatically included when saving a custom view, and (3) when saved views exceed 10 items, a text-based filtering box makes it easier to locate the relevant views. (docs)

Electronic Signatures
Electronically sign a data grid snapshot, and specify a reason for signing. Signed documents and associated metadata, such as the signatory, the date of signing, etc. are extensively logged for auditing purposes. (docs)

REDCap Improvements
REDCap integration has been updated and enhanced, including a new graphical user interface which replaces the XML-based configuration interface, making it easier to configure connections and data export from REDCap servers. (docs)

For details on all the new features, see the release notes, or download the latest version of LabKey Server.

Community News

User Conference Presentations
Presentations from the 2017 User Conference are now available. Go to the (User Pesentations) page and click "2017".

Biologics Documentation
Documentation for LabKey Biologics is now publically available. See LabKey Biologics.

- Denotes Premium Edition functionality.


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