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HIV Disease Progression: A Comparison of ARV Treatment Regimens

This study compares various anti-retroviral (ARVs) treatment regimens by monitoring HIV-1 disease progression in 12 participants. Disease metrics include: viral load, CD4 counts, and white blood cell counts. 2 different methods of measuring viral load were used in tandem, PCR and NASBA.

ARV treatment was initiated in the 8th week. Dosage was evaluated every 4 weeks during treatment.

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Participants under the ETR Regimen fared better than those under the DRV Regimen. In general, participants under any ARV regimen fared better than those without treatment.

Note that all data presented here is fictional and created by random data generators.


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Investigator: Britt Piehler Grant: Eckels Foundation

Main Study tracks data in 11 datasets over 27 visits. Data is present for 16 Participants.

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