Dataset Properties

Research Study

Dataset Properties

Name PhysicalExam ID 5003
Label PhysicalExam Category Clinical
Cohort Association All Visit Date Column
Additional Key Column None Tag
Demographic Data ? false Description Contains up to one row of PhysicalExam data for each Participant/Visit combination.
Show In Overview true
Share Data No

Dataset Fields

Base Columns

Name Label Type Format Required Allows MV Description
ParticipantId Participant ID Text (String) Subject identifier
Created Created Date and Time Date record/form was created
CreatedBy Created By User (Integer)
Modified Modified Date and Time Last time record/form was modified
ModifiedBy Modified By User (Integer)
SequenceNum Sequence Num Number (Double)
DatasetId Dataset Id Integer

User Defined Columns

Name Label Type Format Required Allows MV Description
date Data Entry Date Date and Time Date
weight_kg Weight (kg) Number (Double)
temperature_C Temperature (Celsius) Number (Double)
systolicBP SystolicBP Integer
diastolicBP DiastolicBP Integer
pulse Pulse Integer Test Description 2
otherMetric Other Metric Number (Double)
Wrappedlsid Wrappedlsid Text (String)
ClonedParticipantId ClonedParticipantId Text (String)

Visit Associations

4.0 Required