Project Number Display Format reverts to previous setting dennisw  2018-03-22 07:18
Status: Closed


We are using LabKey 17.2. When setting a number display format via admin > folder > project settings and then entering a format in the 'Default Display Format for Numbers', it seems that once I've entered a value I can change that value but when I try to clear out that input field entirely and then Save it reverts back to the previous format I had entered.

I had, incorrectly, entered %.12f thinking I should enter a string formatting format, but then realized that what I really wanted was just 0 (so as not to have long integers displayed as Scientific Notation). The 0 works fine, but when I cleared the 0 and clicked save, it reverts back to showing (and applying) the %.12f format.

adam responded:  2018-03-22 08:05

If you clear and save a format string at the project level then it will inherit whatever is set at the site level (Admin Console -> Look and Feel Settings). Try clearing / setting your formats there.

Yes, we could make this more obvious in the UI.