Export data without lookup, remove all columns from grid view option millerjw4  2019-10-08 08:10
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I was advised to submit support tickets by developers for the following items at the LabKey user conference, but I am unable to do this as I am a community user. I will post them here instead and hope they reach the right people.

Option to export data without lookups

Currently, when data using lookups in a LabKey grid view is exported to xlsx/tsv, the data is exported with the lookup value, and there is no option to recover the non-lookup value. It would be nice if this were made available as an option, as the script exports (R/Python/etc) export the raw data without lookup

Option to create a grid view starting with no columns

Currently, you have to base a new grid view on a dataset in the study schema, and if you are only interested in creating a report on a few columns (ie age/sex from demographics, measure 1 from instrument A), then it is a pain to have to remove all columns manually from whichever dataset you choose to base the view on.

It would be nice if there was an option to either:

  • Make a grid view not based on a particular dataset
  • Remove all columns from the 'selected fields' area after choosing 'customize grid'

Thank you for your help.

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2019-10-26 00:15

Thank you for your feature suggestions.

Regarding the first option, a way to workaround this problem would be to customize the view and expand the field that has the lookup attached to it, then select the nested column to have the raw value shown. This will allow you to export the grid and have the original raw value in that export.

With regard to the second option, we show all non-hidden columns as the standard default view. It is likely that we would need to expand the functionality to allow the ability to remove or reset the grid view customization.