Peroxisomal_ICAT/MM_clICAT13 (k_Yeast_ICAT)

Name Peroxisomal_ICAT/MM_clICAT13 (k_Yeast_ICAT)
Protocol X!Tandem Analysis with Xpress Quantitation
Job Id
Created 2008-04-12 18:22
Modified 2008-04-12 18:22
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Protocol Applications
Name Inputs Outputs
XTandem with Xpress analysis run MM_clICAT13.mzXML
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X!Tandem Database Search MM_clICAT13.mzXML
Tandem Settings
XTandem Search Results
Convert to PepXml XTandem Search Results
PepXml/XTandem Search Results view
Peptide Prophet PepXml/XTandem Search Results view
Scored Search Results view
Xpress Scored Search Results view
Quantitation Results view
Protein Prophet Quantitation Results view
Protein Prophet scores view
Run Output Protein Prophet scores view
Quantitation Results view