Sample Sets

The following sample sets show how to capture:
  • Simple sample sets that record specimens, blood draws, and tissues.
  • Aliquots of the above.
  • Parentage/lineage for compounds and mixtures.
  • The use of DataClasses, to introduce concepts of recipes and ingredient kinds.
For details on the table structures used, see Sample Sets: Examples

NameDescriptionCreatedCreated ByModifiedModified ByFolderSample Count
Beer Ingredient SamplesIngredients for beer: grain, water, yeast, and hop samples.2016-12-06 10:45steveh2016-12-06 15:07stevehSample Sets9
Beer Samples 2016-12-06 10:46steveh2019-05-30 10:53stevehSample Sets3
Blood SamplesShows how to capture aliquot events.2016-12-06 11:53steveh2016-12-06 12:38stevehSample Sets10
Blood VialsSamples uploaded by steveh@labkey.com2018-10-05 14:04steveh2018-10-05 14:04stevehSample Sets13
CocktailsShows how to capture parentage for mixtures and compounds.2016-12-06 12:01steveh2016-12-06 12:37stevehSample Sets12