Explore example data and key features of LabKey products:

Explore Sample ManagementLearn about LabKey Sample Manager and take a product tour.Sample Manager Help
Explore LabKey BiologicsLearn more about LabKey's Biologics LIMS solutions.Biologics Documentation
LabKey Server: Data GridsExplore data grids and visualizations.Data Grids
Explore Longitudinal StudiesA fictional research study comparing different HIV treatments.Tutorial: Cohort Studies.
Explore Assay Data AnalysisAn example scenario comparing media for T Cell CultureTutorial: Assay Design and Use
Collaboration ToolsShare wikis, write messages, and track issues with your team.Collaboration Tutorial
File ManagementBrowse and download files.File Tutorial
Flow CytometryFlow Cytometry data management and analysis.Flow Cytometry Tutorial
SecurityUnderstand LabKey role and group based security.Security Tutorial

LabKey Server Trial Walk-Through:

Demo: LabKey Server and Tableau Desktop

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Introduction to LabKey Biologics:

LabKey Server UI Walk-Through:

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