Issue 45324: sample request with only aliquots requested doesn't send request to the server

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Opened:2022-04-25 13:13 by ChrisJ
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Resolved:2022-06-13 16:19 by RosalineP
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2022-04-25 13:13 ChrisJ
Title»sample request with only aliquots requested doesn't send request to the server
Assigned To»RosalineP
The HJF Sample Request system allows users to filter from a large set of samples in order to create requests for samples to study. Recently, we added to that the ability for researchers to request Aliquots, but if the user requests aliquots only it seems the client code assumes no request is being made.

(found while automating test coverage)
Create a sample request in the HJF dashboard
on the submit request form, select the 'samples' table and de-select all samples in the list- but ensure that one or more aliquots are selected on the 'Aliquots' table.

click 'Create Request' and note that you are taken to the dashboard view and are shown a success alert saying that the request with <the title you provided> was successfully created. But, if you look at the list of requests, that one is not there. If you do the submit (and look at the xhr send and response) it appears that no request was sent to the server, and the server replied with 'success!' (we did nothing successfully!)

It may be as simple as revisiting the code that checks to see if any samples are selected before sending a request to the server can be updated to also check to see if any aliquots are selected.

2022-06-13 16:19 RosalineP
resolve as Fixed
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(Not a valid scenario to only request aliquots, with no samples. A UI change has since blocked users from encountering this.)

2022-06-20 16:51 ChrisJ
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