Issue 45372: QClause not searching visible fields

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Opened:2022-04-29 11:24 by Nick Kerr
Changed:2022-04-29 11:27 by Nick Kerr
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2022-04-29 11:24 Nick Kerr
Title»QClause not searching visible fields
Assigned To»triage
Notify»Susan Hert;steveh
With the set of columns that are searched over when using a "QClause" filter (a.k.a. "search" on the grid) was altered to not include hidden columns. Unfortunately, how Query respects "hidden" at the different layers of metadata often leads to confusion -- this is another one of those cases. Columns can be visible to the user to search upon, however, those columns are getting taken out of the searchable set of columns when they are denoted as "isHidden" in the query metadata. The end result is users can get their system configured in such a way that they see columns to search upon but end up with results not appearing as expected.


1. Load up a LKB Project with the initialized set of test data.
2. Navigate to the "Molecules" Data Class in LKB Registry.
3. Ensure the "Description" column is visible in the grid view.
4. Search for a unique-ish string within the description column's values.
5. Get back some results.
6. Clear search.
7. Navigate to the Schema Browser for and click "Edit metadata" in the upper right-hand corner.
8. Expand the column "Description" and click "Advanced Settings".
9. Uncheck the "Show field on default view of the grid" and click apply.
10. Save the query metadata changes.
11. Navigate back to the "Molecules" Data Class in LKB Registry.
12. The "Description" column should still be visible in the grid view.
13. Attempt to search again for the same unique-ish string within the description column's values.

Expected: Results to appear for rows where the description contained the search value.
Actual: No results available.

We need to rectify this behavior.

2022-04-29 11:27 Nick Kerr
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